If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in London, which also provides the perfect base to explore the big city, you’d be hard pushed to find one better than The Westbury Hotel.

This luxury 5 star hotel was opened back in 1955 by the Phipps family, who’s penchant for playing Polo lent it’s name to their hotel bar, Polo, but more on that later in another blog post, I have plenty to share with you!

Westbury Hotel Mayfair LondonWestbury Hotel Mayfair London

Having had a very early start of 4am to fly down to London, I was eager to finally get to my destination and relax for a few hours before hitting the bustling pavements of London.

I arrived to the impressive facade of The Westbury Mayfair Hotel, greeted by the friendliest of doormen, who I’m sure could sense my tiredness and all but offered to carry me inside!

As I was so early, my room obviously wasn’t ready. In fact, I was so early it was only just checking out time! However, the reception area was so beautiful, I didn’t mind waiting around a little longer.

Westbury Hotel Mayfair LondonWestbury Hotel Mayfair London

Copious marble tiles line the elegant reception, plush leather lounge chairs and sofas were tastefully dotted around and the whole area is punctuated by just the right pieces of art and sweet, fresh flowers. Such a refreshing welcome!

After a little wander around familiarising myself with the hotel, I pulled up a chair in Polo Bar for a quick catch up with a friend of mine, who recently became manager at the hotel. He very kindly arranged for me to check in to my room a little earlier than planned, which was a welcome relief.

But not nearly as welcome as the surprise I got when I arrived at my room….

Westbury Hotel Mayfair LondonWestbury Hotel Mayfair LondonWestbury Hotel Mayfair London

Entering the room, I walked down the marble corridor… Yes, the room has its own corridor! And found myself standing at the foot of the plushest looking bed I have seen in a long time. (Which I totally dived on to, in case you were wondering!)

Can I also just mention that the room keys are really cool?! Not the usual boring key card design you get in many hotels, they are actually shaped like a key, but still electronic… It’s the little things in life!

The team had very kindly upgraded me to one of their newly refurbished Suites at the hotel and I couldn’t have been more appreciative. It was truly stunning, you could still smell the newness from the beautiful dark wood wardrobes and fresh fabrics.

One of the great things about The Westbury Hotel, is that they don’t seem to be content to just sit still and be satisfied with the great product they already have. There are constant developments happening; including the sprucing up of these rooms, which gave me masses of space to work in my own little living room and the most pristine, sparkling clean bathroom I’ve seen!

Westbury Hotel Mayfair LondonWestbury Hotel Mayfair LondonIMG_0117Westbury Hotel Mayfair LondonWestbury Hotel Mayfair LondonWestbury Hotel Mayfair London

Oh, and the individual branded toiletries, did I mention these?? They are sooo adorable and also a god send if you’re only jetting over for a night or two and don’t really want to bother with waving your clear bag full of liquids in front of all the strangers at the airport!

One of the afore mentioned developments at The Westbury Hotel, is the addition of the ‘Handy’ phones in the suites. Bearing in mind that I travel from Jersey and I am always reliant on WiFi in order to avoid roaming charges, this was possibly the best thing I could have hoped for.

Westbury Hotel Mayfair London

It states that it can ‘revolutionise the way you play and stay’, and it really does! Obviously you have to leave your card details to guarantee the fact that you will be frolicking around London with a brand new phone, courtesy of the hotel, but it’s worth it.

It offers guests unlimited free internet access during their stay, unlimited free local calls and international calls within reason, as well as some very well thought out guides which the hotel have tailored to suit what they think guests may like. It includes recommendations for events each day, a handy city guide, exclusive discounts and information about the hotel – all very handy indeed, it certainly saved me getting lost a couple of times!

Westbury Hotel Mayfair London

Finally familiarised with my home for the 2016 UK Blog Awards weekend, I settled in to do a little work and a cheeky glass of vino, quite honestly not wanting to leave my suite!

I had plenty more adventures to come that day however, so diving in the bath for the whole afternoon and relaxing in my suite was out of the question … I’ll tell you about my other adventures another time.

In the meantime, I can’t recommend you get yourself to The Westbury Hotel soon enough! I booked an advance purchase rate, which gives you great value for money and it’s such a great base to explore the city. You can call them on 020 7629 7755 if you want more info.

Thank you to amazing The Westbury Mayfair team for an exceptional stay and a very good night’s sleep!

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