I’ve recently experienced one the of the best and most exciting weekends I’ve had in a long time, all thanks to just taking a chance.

Some of you will already know that I recently entered the UK Blog Awards 2016 and, was lucky enough to be shortlisted as a finalist.

I had no expectations of ever even getting that far and I know I’ve said it a million times already, but THANK YOU, to everyone who took the time to vote for me, it was an exceptional feeling and I’m very proud. Unfortunately I didn’t go the distance this year, but there’s always next time!

The experience I had was fantastic though, and one I will never forget. You may already have seen the start of my weekend trip away if you’ve read my blog on The Westbury Hotel where I was staying.

La Bresserie French Restaurant London

After settling in to my beautiful hotel home for the weekend, it was time to head out and meet my very supportive friends who had also flown over to join me at the awards, for the first of many celebrations.

We opted to visit La Brasserie for a little taste of France for lunch. Located on Brompton Road, you’ll find London’s first all day French restaurant right at the end of your shopping trail, the perfect pit stop!

La Bresserie French Restaurant London

The restaurant has a great vibe about it, packed with people chattering away over dish after dish of aromatic French treats.

There’s not a hint of pretentiousness in site at La Brasserie. All guests are seated together on tables nestled closely next to each other, making the most of the authentically decorated interior space, it’s like one big friendly lunch affair!

Le Brasserie have a great lunchtime menu, a set 2 courses for just £15-95 per person, which is served from 12-6pm, which I’m sure you’ll agree is amazing value in London!

La Bresserie French Restaurant LondonLa Bresserie French Restaurant LondonLa Bresserie French Restaurant London

We plumped for starters of Terrine de canard au poivre vert {coarse duck pate with onion marmalade}, not my usual preference as I prefer smooth, but this was pretty good! We also had Moules à la Normande {Mussels cooked with cider and cream sauce} which were clearly very good as the others started stealing them from one another!

La Bresserie French Restaurant LondonLa Bresserie French Restaurant London

Our mains arrived right on time. No waiting, no rushing, the staff have timing down to a tee in this place.

I opted for Ricotta gnocchi with chanterelle mushrooms fricassee and leeks {no translation need for classic gnocchi!}, clearly I really enjoyed this, as I actually didn’t even stop to get a picture, oops!

My friend had the Coq au Vin {Braised chicken cooked in red wine and bacon} – cue lots of childish jokes from the boys when this was pronounced, they are definitely old enough to know better, too! The others both opted for Gâteau de Crabe {Crab cake with braised leeks and lobster sauce}.

La Bresserie French Restaurant London

Finally, the boys opted for a classic dessert, Tarte au Citron. Dessert is not really my thing so I skipped this, but the boys managed to tell me how much I was missing out on the worlds best dessert in-between every single spoonful!

I wil admit, the dishes aren’t exactly much to look at and are a little bit rustic, but that’s part of the charm. It has a ‘mama’s home cooked recipe’ kind of feel to it, and each dish really does taste fresh and home-cooked. Check out their website for special deals and happy hour info, too! The gnocchi was easily the most authentic I’ve ever had – Très Bien La Brasserie!

After lunch I took a little wander through the streets, guided by my amazing ‘Handy’ gadget, courtesy of The Westbury Hotel, before heading back to the hotel for delicious treats in the bar before my big night out … more on the treats next time!

UK Blog AwardsUK Blog Awards

We arrived to what looked like a great big UFO outside the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster, ready to enter the room full of people eager to know if they would make it up on to the stage that evening.

It was a pleasure to be part of such a prestigious event, with fantastic sponsors and an overwhelming amount of talent all under the one roof. The theme of the event was fantastic too, Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’, entertainers roamed all over the venue and characters on stilts walked through the forest, it all felt a little like a fairytale.

I won’t spoil all the details of the night, but if you want to see more, you can find the pictures and winners of each category on the UK Blog Awards Website.

UK Blog Awards Finalist 2016UK Blog Awards Finalist 2016UK Blog Awards Finalist 2016

Suffice to say, the team put on an amazing awards evening and we all had the most amazing time, and hysterical laughing fits. Laugh like there’s no tomorrow, as they say!

The above photo has become one of mine and my friends favourites, a great reminder of a fabulous weekend and a great achievement for my blog.

Thank you all for helping me to achieve such fantastic recognition to be in the finals of the awards, the first Channel Islands blog to make it this far, I appreciate every single vote.

Now, we have a full year to get even better and see if we can make it all the way next time…. See you in a year, UK Blog Awards!



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