There’s a new kid in town people (well, technically, in Gorey) and you’re going to love it! The Works is a new pantry, bakery and creamery combined; the first of its kind in Jersey.

The Works Delicatessen Gorey in Jersey
Photo Credit: The Observatory

A member of the Feast Family (separate blog post coming soon!) The Works is the much loved creation of owner Laurraine Falle. She has been working tirelessly to source exceptional produce for the delicatessen, a search that has finally paid off and culminated in an exceptional launch evening this week.

A group of us were lucky enough to be invited up to Gorey for the launch of Laurraine’s newest venture, starting out in the other venue within the family, Feast restaurant itself.

We arrived to be greeted by a selection of cocktails and Prosecco, which is how all good events start, in my opinion! Amongst a crowd of media and loyal customers, we chatted to the lovely team from The Refinery PR Agency and listened to stories of how The Works had come into being.

We waited to be taken for our tour patiently, whilst the lovely team at Feast plied us with a section of canapés. Various treats of smoked salmon, cucumber and crab, black pudding, Jersey scallops and my absolute personal favourite, sugared donuts and cream dip!

I would happily have eaten the whole tower if they’d let me, but apparently thats frowned upon, so I just settled for two!

Eventually though, it was our turn to take a little tour of Gorey’s newest addition and we were escorted of into the sunset through the village, to the little shop around the corner.

Laurraine is quite evidently passionate about her new venture, it absolutely shines through in her welcome on arrival to The Works and in the way she talks about the journey she has been on to get the delicatessen up and running.

You really can’t blame her though, the array of products available is amazing, all of them have their own story too. The development of a special range of Feast and The Works ‘own brand’ items has been perfected by Executive Catering Manager Chef, Paul North. He joins the Feast family after working for the prestigious Alison Price & Company – the leading London catering provider for heads of state and royalty

Paul has worked closely with Laurraine to produce a range of Jersey butter and cream products inspired by the brand’s icon Royal Viscountess Togo – one of Jersey’s most prized cows. The Viscountess was bred by Mrs. Falle’s Father in Law, an acclaimed Jersey cattle breeder and judge. That image will now become the recognised stamp of quality on The Works products. Another fantastic personal touch in the Delicatessen.

The Works Delicatessen Gorey in Jersey
Photo Credit: The Observatory

The Works houses an array of produce, including one of my favourites, salted caramel, which is great for so many different recipes!

The team were really happy to chat away to us and explain their offerings, all the while totally beaming with pride, which was lovely to see. There’s something very satisfying about meeting people who are so good and what they do and genuinely love doing it.

The display counters are bursting at the seams with mouth watering treats, both savoury and sweet and full of colour.

There was so much to taste test, not that I’m complaining! Succulent cured meats and sugary sweets, which we did whilst admiring the rustic decor and cute touches they had managed to build into such a small space, the character they have achieved is quite impressive.

But if you know me, you know the thing I was looking forward to the most, the pièce de résistance, a vintage style cheese safe mounted on the wall, with a little taste of heaven safely locked inside!

Inside this cabinet, they have sourced the daddy of all cheeses … Brie stuffed with truffles … just take a moment to let that sink in!! Unfortunately I didn’t actually try this on the evening, but hey, they certainly know how to get me to go back again!

One of the best features for me, is that they will offer special dishes for customers to buy and take home for dinner parties soon, as well as artisan picnics prepared and created fresh to order – fancy placing an order for the Jersey International Air Display anyone?!

You really should get yourself up to The Works if you haven’t done so already, I haven’t even told you the half of what’s on offer, I don’t want to ruin the treasure trove discovery for you!

They will be open from 8am till 7pm, 7 days a week, so you have plenty of time to get your fix. I would also like to say a huge ‘good luck’ to Laurraine and the team, although I’m sure they won’t need it!

4 thoughts

  1. Popped into the works today, (don’t go in there hungry) the smell of fresh croissants and fresh coffee was to much , ended up spending for to much on the best Iberica ham I have tasted , toasted bread and a wonderful cheese from York. Bought some grapefruit marmalade which I will try Tomo morning (can’t wait) great ideas for Xmas


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