Another highlight of the summer calendar, was a girls afternoon out sailing on Lady Catherine.

Lady Catherine can be chartered from GoSail.Je, along with many of their other boats and the best part is, it doesn’t break the bank!


We had a group of 12 of us, all geared up for a great day out at sea, feeling the wind in our sails and the sun on our faces. Within seconds of climbing on board, we had completely forgotten we were in Jersey, opting instead to act as though we were on a sailing trip somewhere in the Mediterranean!

Go Sail Lady CatherineGo Sail Lady CatherineGo Sail Lady Catherinep1020069p1020065

We set sail from Albert Pier and headed out to the wide open ocean. We were phenomenally lucky with the weather, it must have been one of the hottest and brightest days of the whole summer!

You can take along your own refreshments on the boat, so true to form for me and the girls, we filled the entire fridge with prosecco! Word to the wise, sun, sea and sailing, do not mix particularly well with copious amounts of prosecco… go easy! As we did, clearly….

Go Sail Lady CatherineGo Sail Lady Catherine

When booking a charter with Go Sail, you can be involved as little or as much as you like once on the boat. You can opt to sit and relax whilst taking in the sights, or you can get off your bum and actually have a go at sailing the boat. I recommend the latter, its much more fun and a great experience!

Go Sail Lady Catherine

We had booked an afternoon trip and decided to head round to St Aubins Bay, taking it in turns to sail the boat and indulge in snacks and prosecco all the way.

With it being such a nice day, it seemed a shame to waste the chance for a dip in the sea, so we anchored in the bay and dived right in!

img_1601Go Sail Lady Catherineimg_0871Go Sail Lady CatherineGo Sail Lady Catherine

Give me ANY excuse to be a big kid, and I will take it! I absolutely love a chance to get out in the sea, roll on next summer when we can make the most of it again. (Not that I’m wishing the year away … autumn is pretty good too!)

After a little dip and playing around in the sea, we climbed back aboard and set off back to the harbour, admiring the beautiful Jersey coastline as we went.

Go Sail Lady Catherinep1020111Go Sail Lady CatherineGo Sail Lady CatherineGo Sail Lady Catherinep1020125Go Sail Lady Catherine

We were all considerably tipsy by the time we made it back (the sight of us climbing off the boat across three other boats was apparently hysterical), completely shattered from the sea air, most of us opted to go straight home and relax!

I highly recommend you get yourself a sailing trip booked in with Go Sail for next year, even if the weather isn’t amazing, you’re sure to still have a good time and the team are great fun. Happy sailing!

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