My little sister came to visit Jersey for the first time ever recently, and TGI Friday’s must’ve read our minds, as they got in touch and asked us to go and check out their new lunch menu.

My sister loves TGI Friday’s already apparently, and yes, I know it’s not exactly a typical representation of Jersey’s produce, but who cares? It suited exactly what we were in the mood for!

TGI Fridays Lunch in JerseyTGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

Inside, you’ll find the typical TGI Friday’s style decor. American, modern, bright and with open kitchen and bar areas. Its a formula recognised across the 900 restaurants in 60 countries, and it seems to be working just fine for them. There are little twists in each restaurant though, I really like the vinyl peacock in the Jersey restaurant.

TGI Fridays Jersey invited us to try out their new lunch menu which is priced at just £7.99 per dish. It is served Monday to Friday, right up until 5pm, so you can even go for a very late lunch if you like!

TGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

Given that my sister was half an hour delayed getting in (thanks to Fly-may-be!) and I may have been a little jaded after partying the night before, a naughty Friday lunch was just what the doctor ordered.

We started with cocktails, it is the LAW to have cocktails in TGI Fridays, don’t even think about ordering anything else! A Caipirinha for me and a Porn Star Martini for her – you can take the girl out of Huddersfield, but you can’t take Huddersfield out of the girl!

TGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

These were pretty damn good and the guys who served us were really eager to get our feedback and make sure they had made them to our liking. Another great trait about TGI Fridays, the staff are uber friendly. Always.

If you don’t want to interact with people and have a laugh with your waiters, then please don’t go! They work very hard, always have a friendly smile, want to know about what you have been up to and what you like, and they deserve your attention and time for their tireless efforts in this. TGI Friday’s is a place to get involved in the atmosphere, if you’re going to be the grumpy one in the corner who grumbles when they sing happy birthday for the millionth time, then best leave it to the rest of us to go and enjoy it, just saying!

TGI Fridays Lunch in JerseyTGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

Anyway, on to the lunch menu. It’s simple and full of the great TGI dishes you will know and love.

We opted for a classic, the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich. Chicken breast served with red onion, tomato and garlic mayo, in a toasted brioche bun.  May not look the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, but the chicken was melt in the mouth juicy and they weren’t shy with the portions either!

TGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

My sis and I were sharing everything, so we order a few dishes to try out and share. Next up (not my choice) a slight more healthy option! A small duck salad, glazed in Jack Daniels sauce (I did only say slightly healthier!) and served on a bed of greens, with a raspberry and chilli sauce. The salad was pretty tasty, although it didn’t really get a look in once my final choice arrived.

TGI Fridays Lunch in JerseyTGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

Easily my favourite dish of the day, purely for being exceptionally messy, almost impossible to eat with any sort of dignity, but totally full of flavour and groan worthy, was the Pulled Pork Sandwich. Super soft pork in BBQ sauce, tucked in a brioche bun with apple slaw and pickled red onion, I almost didn’t share!

TGI Fridays Lunch in JerseyTGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

We both loved this one, definitely give it a go if you go for a visit. The perfect winter warming food!

TGI Fridays Lunch in JerseyTGI Fridays Lunch in Jersey

Now really is the ideal time to get together with friends and treat yourself to a lazy lunch. The weather is apparently set to become very cold tomorrow, so call them up and book your table, then enjoy warming cocktails and comfort food.

We were actually in and out within an hour, so if you’re down on the Esplanade, then you could even fit it in your usual lunch hour, and for a very reasonable price!

To book your table, call them on 0344 692 8911 or get online and book from there. Enjoy!








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