This place needs no introduction, it’s a firm favourite with both locals and tourists alike.

I have recommended El Tico to numerous people who have contacted me for suggestions on where to eat whilst visiting the island, although I’ve never actually written about it before, so thought perhaps it was time.


If you find yourself with nothing to do on a crisp, clear morning, this is the perfect way to spend it. Hop in the car with friends and head on down to St Ouen.

If you’re not pushed for time, take the scenic route (pretty much describes all routes in Jersey) and venture past Corbiere Lighthouse and the Radio Tower … check out the Radio Tower when you have chance, you can actually hire this place out to stay over with friends!


We arrived a little early to El Tico, it opens up at 9:00am for breakfast, so had a little walk along the front and enjoyed the waves splashing over the sea wall, before chilling in their very own deck chairs for a bit!

img_0042img_0049img_0078 img_0076

Inside, the beach cantina is warm and welcoming. Decorated with beachy references and blue and white tones, constantly reminding you that you’re in the best surf spot on the island. And the view is just amazing, no matter the weather, constantly changing and offering the kind of peaceful feeling you only get from staring out to sea.

El Tico Beach Cafe Restaurant Jerseyimg_0058img_0055img_0064img_0052

After our little walk and all that fresh sea air, we were more than ready for a serious breakfast feast! El Tico have an extensive menu to choose from, including traditional English options and even a taste of America from across the pond!

El Tico Beach Cantina Restaurant Jersey

Being a traditional kind of girl, I opted for the full English breakfast. Which was all great, although I think the sausages were on a bit of a diet on this particular day! Everything was cooked just as I like it (without asking!), and super tasty.

One thing to note, El Tico do state that they don’t allow changes to their menu items and whilst they will sometimes make an exception, it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re a fussy eater.

It’s quite understandable though, as they usually have a queue out of the door if you don’t get there early, so making changes for every single person would be quite time consuming!


My fellow diners opted for various other options….

The Cantina Veggie Breakfast {salad leaves, sautéed local mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, poached eggs, toasted Ciabatta} which was actually pretty substantial and could easily have been a lunch salad also. Ten out of ten for the poached eggs!


Maple Crunch {Greek yogurt, berry compote, El T’s granola, maple drizzle} which looked really appetising, almost like an ice-cream sundae! Not my thing unfortunately, as granola seems far too healthy for my tastes, but my friend enjoyed it.


Yankee Pancakes with extra Bacon {American style pancakes, vanilla mascarpone cream, raspberries, warm maple syrup} I actually kind of wanted this too after it arrived, they smelled amazing! I’m still not sure about the American combo of pancakes and bacon, but maybe I’ll try it next time.


I’m sure most of you have been to El Tico already and probably love it as much as I do, but if you haven’t been for a while, then wrap yourselves up and take a winter walk up there for breakfast, it’s such a beautiful place.

If you’re visiting Jersey, make sure it is on your list! You can find them in St Ouen’s which you definitely need to see. Check out their breakfast menu here or give them a call for more info on 01534 482009.

After all, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” – John Gunther.


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