I think I’ve probably mentioned this before, but Gorey is one of my favourite places on the island, and Mont Orgueil Castle in particular.

So when my friend decided to have birthday lunch celebrations out there, I headed up a little earlier so I could enjoy the view, blue skies (back in summer of course), and take in the scenery before lunch.


I didn’t have time to climb to the top of the castle this time unfortunately though, maybe next time. Even the little village is pretty adorable, the colourful buildings remind me of the kids TV show ‘Balamory’, which my god daughter used to make me watch a million times over.


^^ That tidal level means all the fishermen are likely in the local pub already, you have been warned …. Only kidding, they are all lovely really! Incidentally, one of the friendly fishermen in this area actually supplies the restaurant we were going to for lunch, Feast.

Feast Restaurant is situated overlooking the bay in Gorey. The owners recently opened a new addition to the Feast Family just around the corner, The Works, which I reviewed on opening night a little while back. Both establishments have a great reputation and the owners take really good care of all their visitors.

As it was a beautifully warm July day, we had booked a great table under the sun canopy, where we could drink in the sea views … and be nosy people watchers! Inside is just as nice though, if you’re visiting outside of summer.


Prosecco to start the celebrations, obviously, and to pass the time whilst we waited for everyone else to arrive; punctuality is not this groups strong point!

Once everyone had finally arrived, we got down to the important business of pouring the wine and ordering our food. Much to my tummy’s delight, the starters arrived pretty quickly.


Chicken liver pâté, Feast’s own mini brioche loaf, apple and pear chutney. Love this, the brioche is sooo good, massively filling though. In case you were wondering, the board above is a shared one between two of us, you wouldn’t have to finish it all yourself, don’t worry!


A rustic pan of sizzling garlic prawns and Feast’s own baked ciabatta. Probably one of the most favoured dishes at Feast I think, I’ve yet to eat here and not see someone order this. I am a big fan of garlic butter and the ciabatta dipped in the sauce is pretty divine. A ten out of ten dish for me, which is saying something considering I’m not a big fish fan!


Pan fried locally dived scallops & slow roast pork belly, Black pudding, Feast’s apple puree. The one that gave half the table food envy, and hence why it was hidden away from eager eyes in the shade. Even I was only trusted to get so close for the photo for a couple of seconds, for fear I may try and pinch it! Apparently it was exceptionally good.

Considering there were around 10 of us at the table, I thought it best not to photograph every single dish, but just give you a selection instead. So that’s enough of the starters, on to the main course.


We had an intermediary course of wine and a bit more wine… just making sure it was ok, obviously. Followed shortly after by perfectly portioned main courses to soak it all up.

Feast restaurant Gorey JerseyFeast restaurant Gorey Jersey

One of my favourite dishes, simple but very filling; Chili Beef Strips, served with salad and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I actually didn’t even manage to finish this, it was so filling. I was nice and shared with my fellow diners though; waste not, want not!


Green Curry with prawns and jasmine rice, this disappeared pretty quickly, despite the weather being hot enough outside as it was. I’ve never personally really enjoyed hot dishes in the summer heat, but it seems this one is a winner.


Finally, another choice which caused quite a bit of food envy. St. Louis sticky pork rib rack, Tennesse bourbon glaze, tempura pickles, slaw & chips. There’s really nothing not to like here, apart from the potential messy aftermath. Tempura pickles are awesome, enough said.

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee there will be enough sunshine to sit out on the terrace for a good few months, but I can guarantee that the food will be just as good whenever you decide to treat yourself. Feel free to share your favourite dish in the comments below after your visit. Happy Feasting!

Feast Restaurant

10–11 Gorey Pier, Jersey, JE3 6EW
tel: (+44) 01534 611 118
email: reservations@feast.je

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