Since the April showers seem to finally have arrived (in May?!), I thought you might benefit from hearing about a cosy little place where you can safely hide from the rain, whilst also filling your tummy.

It’s by no means new, in fact, it’s quite well established and a firm favourite with many islanders. Located in Broad Street, St Helier, CocoRico is the brain child of Sébastien Perrais and has been a part of Jersey life since 2011.

Coco Rico Creperie JerseyCoco Rico Creperie JerseyCoco Rico Creperie Jersey

Its a quaint little cafe, full of little trinkets, higgledy piggledy decoration and charming French touches in every nook and cranny. It’s also surprisingly deceptive, if you head to the back and turn the corner, you’ll find another hidden seating area, perfect for a quiet pot of tea and a good book if that takes your fancy. (I recommend ‘After You by JoJo Moyes‘, if you’re looking for a new read!)

Coco Rico Creperie JerseyCoco Rico Creperie JerseyCoco Rico Creperie Jersey

But enough about hiding in corners, lets move on to the food! The menu offers an extensive array of Crêpes, you can simply build your own or choose from their pre-set options. They also offer Salads, Galettes, Quiches and various other treats with a French influence.

Coco Rico Creperie JerseyCoco Rico Creperie Jersey

I’m not usually one for a sweet tooth, but for some reason, I decided I was going to go all out on this particular day. As did most of the other girls … so here’s a look at some of their  awesome crêpes.

Coco Rico Crêperie Jersey

So this is my choice, totally overboard. Nutella, chocolate ice-cream, cream, chocolate sauce and I think there was even some honeycomb thrown in there too. Such a great choice for breakfast, it certainly made me happy!

Coco Rico Crêperie JerseyCoco Rico Crêperie Jersey

Although it also made me feel a little sickly too – my fault, not theirs! The girls went for slightly more healthy options, but only slightly.

Coco Rico Crêperie Jersey

Mixed berries, honey and cream. Very, very good and technically one of your five a day. I believe that and I’m sticking to it!

Coco Rico Crêperie Jersey


The not so healthy Nutella, bananas, honey and chocolate sauce, definitely more healthy than my choice though…

Coco Rico Crêperie Jersey

And last but not least, Galette with egg and mushroom –  this thing was so big it barely fit on the plate, but apparently it was very good. Also, probably a more sensible, savoury option for breakfast!

Coco Rico Crêperie Jersey

Everything was great and the staff are really adorable, I think we were just about the only people they didn’t know by name actually … yet, at least!

If you go to CocoRico, make sure you grab one of their bags of mixed Macarons on your way out and share them around, your office colleagues / friends will thank you for it!

Bon Appétit.


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