Clive Christian Perfume Gift Sets

You may already be familiar with Clive Christian, after all, he is a household name. To list but a few of his achievements, he founded the incredibly successful Clive Christian Furniture business in 1978, created the world’s most expensive perfume (as of 2006) and received an OBE in 2012.

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree? You can imagine how pleased I was to be asked to work with the Clive Christian brand, especially when it incorporates my love of perfumes and an opportunity to delve into the world of the Clive Christian perfume gift sets.

Its about time I found myself a new summer fragrance, so I personally tested the female fragrance, Noble VIII Magnolia, from the Noble Collection. I instantly liked this scent, fresh and floral, with just enough spice to carry you through from the summer in to autumn.

This fragrance features top notes of bergamot, cassis and mandarin, beautifully offset by the heart notes of rose, magnolia, cinnamon and clove. Its deliciously luxurious and indulgent.

The Noble Collection is described as a “tribute to notable periods in British architectural and design history. Paying homage through the selection and concentration of some of the most prized ingredients and influences of the era, the Noble perfumes are some of the most complex and evocative in the portfolio.”

Clive Christian Perfume Gift Sets

Fragrances in the Clive Christian family are made in pairs, meaning you can enjoy them with your significant other throughout the year. Better yet, as wedding season is well and truly upon us, why not treat the Bride and Groom to one of the Clive Christian perfume gift sets and give them a scent which will always evoke happy memories?

I asked some of my male friends to try out the masculine, Immortelle, fragrance and they were equally impressed with the depth and longevity of the scent. It features bergamot and lemon, as we’ll as the infamous everlasting flower, Immortelle. This flower grows on dry rocky and sandy terrain in Southern Europe and they never fade from their vibrant yellow colour, even when dried.

The complex gentleman’s scent also has woody undertones of calming papyrus, amber and vetiver. It’s a strong scent and definitely gives off an overwhelming sense of masculinity.

Clive Christian Perfume Gift Sets

The House of Clive Christian features so many indulgent perfume gifts sets, it’s almost impossible to simply choose one favourite. Each set arrives in their signatory luxury gift wrapping, with a regal touch and delicate detailing.  Other opulent gifts sets in the range include:

The X Limited Edition

An exotic and mysterious fragrance set, designed to captivate the senses.

L Feminine Limited Edition 

A floral and delicate scent, exuding romance and delivered in a limited edition pink bottle.

The Original Collection Perfume Gift Sets for Him and Her

An experiential collection, featuring 30ml sizes of 1872, X & the No.1 perfumes. The perfect way to experiment and find your favourite scent and also great for travelling with.

Clive Christian Perfume Gift Sets

The Private Collection Perfume Gift Sets for Men and Women 

An adorable collection, originally launched to mark Clive Christian’s 10 year contribution to the world of fragrance. C, L and V are displayed in rich amber bottles, a tribute to the origins of the perfumery.

Clive Christian Perfume Gift Sets

There really is something for everyone in the Clive Christian perfume gift sets and you can search for you nearest store here, or simply buy your favourite online. For now, I’m pretty happy with my Magnolia fragrance, but I can’t wait to work my way through the others!

Have you discovered your favourite scent yet? Let me know what it is when you do!


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