Weekends are made for fun, relaxation and allowing yourself time to wind down from the hustle and bustle of the week. One way to kick start your ‘me time’, is to treat yourself to a fresh breakfast and a peaceful sea view.

Cafe Des Pas, Jersey

Enter Cafe Des Pas. Located on the seafront in Havre des Pas, the cafe sells seasonal produce and offers gluten free and vegetarian options. Opened by Sarah, the owner of Princes Bar a little further up the road, the cafe has become a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Cafe des Pas, Jersey

The view speaks for itself, event though I didn’t experience it on a particularly sunny day, a moody Havre des Pas still looks good!

The cafe is open from 8:00am-4:00pm on a weekend, with a range of hangover curing or health boosting dishes, just take your pick. You can even get a little treat for your pooch if you’re on a walk out that way.

Cafe des Pas, Jersey

We opted to sit on the roof terrace area, a great place to people watch and enjoy Jersey’s ever changing tides. It also has a rather cute little corner area, perfect for snuggling up with that special someone.

Cafe des Pas, Jersey

If you don’t fancy taking the stairs, there’s plenty of room on the lower terrace too, where you will be welcomingly sheltered from the elements, a very important point to note, given the recent weather!

Cafe des Pas, Jersey

My guilty pleasure for breakfast, although not every weekend I might add(!), is a full English breakfast. Cafe Des Pas can certainly deliver on that front. Super tasty, not too much and served with obligatory hot tea and toast, just the way to start the day.

Cafe des Pas, JerseyCafe des Pas, Jersey

I’m already looking forward to summer coming back round again (yes, I have given up on it already!) so I can enjoy the longer evenings sat here waiting for the sun to set. In then meantime though, I will make do with a great breakfast…

Maybe see you there next weekend?!


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