One of the best things about writing this blog, is getting to discover hidden gems that I may not have otherwise come across. Found in France is one of those gems. I know it might be slightly early, but this place has some fantastic gifts for Christmas (or all year round) and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

Denise, who runs Found in France, contacted me a while ago to introduce me to the products and I was actually surprised I’d not come across them before, as the products are right up my street.

Here are my top 10 products for you to buy as Christmas gifts this year, or even just for yourself!

Linen Glass Cloth & Olive de Provence Kitchen Hand Towel 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

Perfect for polishing the Champagne glasses on Christmas day, the glass cloth is 100% linen. The cloths are made by Couke, a company founded in 1931 and based in the North of France, who pay particular attention to the look and quality of their products.


The hand towel is so super soft that I almost didn’t want to use it, but it really is a lovely addition to any kitchen and 100% cotton. You could bundle up a few of your favourites from the Found in France online store and gift them to a friend. It’s the little touches that make all the difference.


Heart Soaps – Spice and Edelweiss 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

These soaps have a beautiful fragrance and also make a nice decoration for any bathroom. Made using the traditional cauldron soap-making method, they’re super kind to skin and don’t leave your hands dried out.

£3.00 each

Edelweiss Diffuser 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

As much as some well known brands have great diffusers and scents, I really begrudge paying the extortionate price tags they slap on them! Well, now you don’t have to. Found in France has an amazing range of fragrant reed diffusers, I sampled the Edelweiss one and it’s currently making my living room smell amazing. It has also been going for about a month now and barely any of the liquid has evaporated. These diffusers will see you through all of winter for a bargain price.


Coin de Feu Candle 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

Another long lasting product, I’ve had this candle burning on numerous evenings now. The scent Coin de Feu, Fire Place to you and me, brings the home alive on those cold winter nights, both with its warming smell and glow. Found in France also offers the candle in many other scents, so you can choose your favourite to relax with.


Fleur D’oranger Organic Shower Gel 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

Use this in your morning shower to ease you awake, with a gentle zesty perfume and bubbly lather, there’s no better way to start the day. It’s a really subtle organic shower gel, enriched with olive oil, so it locks moisture in and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.


Mandarine Verte Organic Moisturising Body Milk 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

This is delicious! Not literally of course, but it does smell good enough to eat. Use after your shower to leave a delicate orange aroma throughout the day. Combine this with the organic shower gel and it will make a great little gift set for someone.


Shea Butter

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

What doesn’t this product do?! Basically, it protects against the cold weather, is healing for dry skin due to its antiseptic properties, helps prevent stretch marks, contains vitamin A and basically leaves your skin feeling like silk. Use this as your daily skin medicine and you won’t go far wrong. Oh, and did I mention is smells lovely? Because it does.


Essential Oil Liquid Marseille Soap, Zeste D’orange 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

Complete your tangy orange collection, with this tender hand soap. Made from olive oil and scented with 100% natural essential oils, it’s really sympathetic to dry skin and the perfect soap to use through the approaching cold months. It also has the added bonus of leaving a soft scent and looking nice in your bathroom in a rather cute little bottle!


Marseille Laundry Soap Cube 

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

Made from vegetable oils, no colouring, no added fragrances and no synthetic products. This is ideal for your super delicate fabrics that are hand wash only, and given that Christmas celebrations usually call for lots of exquisite dresses, this is definitely a gift staple for the ladies this season.


Room Spray Givre

Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

I have saved my absolute favourite until last, this spray has quite literally changed my life. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a terrible sleeper, I wake up at least once every night and take around an hour to even get to sleep most nights. It’s very annoying and well, tiring.

Well, now I have my solution. I spray the bedroom and my pillows with this about half an hour before bed, and I’ve been sleeping immensely better ever since. Thank you, Found in France for finding my ZZZZ’s!


Found in France Christmas Gift Guide Jersey

So, there are my top 10 (so far!) to get you started with your Christmas gift shopping, I’m sure there will be more to come though. There’s also a selection of ceramics, baskets & bags and wooden products on the website, waiting to be discovered.

You can find all Denise’s products online here. She also has a little shop in her home, containing one-off special brocante pieces, which she opens on request.

If you can’t wait, you can always visit Found in France at the upcoming Shabby Chic Antique Fair on 4th & 5th November at Trinity Show Ground, or at the Christmas Event at the Salty Dog in St Aubin on 23rd November. 

Shhh … competition coming soon….!

Finally, I’m delighted to let you all know that I have teamed up with Found in France to offer one lucky reader the chance to win their very own hamper, worth £50.00! Keep an eye on the Jersey Girl page for details on how to enter in late November.


Found in France
t: 07797 797734

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