I awoke on our second day to the most stunning view of the sunrise over the hills, melting away the frost on the grass.


Today was mostly going to be taken up with meetings, although I did have some free time to continue my relaxation in the afternoon. But first, breakfast. I always find time to fit in a hotel breakfast when travelling, you can’t possibly judge the quality of your stay properly without it!


Camporeal delivered yet again, with a huge selection for breakfast. Naturally, I opted for the full English although I managed to resist the temptation to indulge in a Mimosa, but the option is there if you want it.

Following the morning’s meeting, I emerged outside to find the winter sun had finally returned. Not one to waste an opportunity, and given that Lisbon’s version of winter sun is somewhat warmer than ours, I found a bed at the side of the pool and settled in to enjoy the amazingly blue sky.


Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I decided that since I was only here this once, I just had to test out the pool. I mean, it just seemed such a shame not to experience everything the resort had to offer, especially since the pool was so deserted…


Turns out, it was deserted for a very good reason, it was absolutely freezing! I think I managed around 2 minutes in the water, just enough to take a photo that looked as though I was actually comfortable, before basically rolling myself over the side of the pool looking an entirely new shade of blue. I certainly won’t forget it in a hurry!

Looking for a place to warm up, I decided perhaps the indoor pool might be a better fit for me and headed down to the spa.



I could have sat and listened to that water fountain all day, it was incredibly relaxing and there wasn’t another soul in the whole spa, pure bliss. Another dinner was calling though, so my time in my private sanctuary had to come to an end.


The Portuguese are known for their love of fresh fish dishes, but I’m sorry to say I don’t share that love, so I had opted for the vegetarian menu for the evening’s group dinner.

The main menu looked delicious, but I would definitely advise against ordering the vegetarian menu, it is not their specialty. The starter salad was actually just a bowl of leaves and it turns out I like tofu even less than I like fish! But hey ho, I still had a great time.

Served in the beautiful downstairs dining room, we enjoyed great company, a few games at dinner and even a bit of impromptu karaoke (I was terrible and will not be rushing to do it again!) It was the perfect evening to bond the group, ahead of our adventure out in to Lisbon the next day … which you can read about in my next blog!



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