Since embarking on a new career path in 2016, I seem to have had nothing but good fortune and incredible opportunities come my way. Granted, it hasn’t all been peachy and smooth sailing, but it’s been pretty damn good so far!

I had the opportunity to visit some incredible places in 2017, including Seville, Dubai, Lisbon and Hong Kong. The start of 2018 has been no exception either, as I started out with a secondment to Cayman, lucky me!

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I made a decision half way through last year, that I was going to do my best to be positive and kind as much as possible, and start saying no to things that simply did not make me happy. It turns out, when you take this approach towards life, you suddenly find yourself with a lot more positive things to say ‘yes’ to. Some call it the law of attraction, so I hear.

Even my journey over to Cayman proved this. Travelling anywhere sunny automatically puts me in a good mood and the fact that I absolutely love flying only adds to that! So, it’s easy for me to be happy and positive when hopping on an early flight, but probably not so easy for the employees working in the airport!

2018 goals jersey girl blog

Greeting the British Airways attendants with a cheery good morning and a chat on my way into the airport, I asked where I could drag my massive suitcase to check it in and they took one look at me struggling along and kindly ushered my over to another desk, which they opened up to help me. An absolute bonus, as my hands were actually seriously aching from pulling round 28kg’s! (Yep, they kindly let me get away with too much luggage too!)

Moving through to the departure lounge, I couldn’t help but laugh at the barista who was having a little argument with the coffee machine. He caught me out of course, but one little joke later he was seeing the funny side and the coffee machine wasn’t such a big issue to him anymore. He politely offered me a free coffee for my journey, which was very sweet, even though I don’t actually drink coffee so couldn’t take him up on the offer.

2018 goals jersey girl blog

My flight with BA was full of smiling kind stewards, probably one of the best crew I’ve come across actually. I tend to get lucky with my seat allocation on flights for some reason, I had an entire row to myself in premium economy for this flight, which was great.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of prosecco (Champagne is fine too!), so obviously this is what I asked for with dinner on the flight. The super friendly air steward who I’d been chatting to about my trip previously, decided I deserved Champagne on this particular flight and proceeded to keep topping me up from the first-class cabin, and plying me with chocolate… thank you very much to that man!

These are only little things, I know, but add them all up over the course of just 12 hours and I guarantee they will put you in a good mood and restore faith in humanity. It’s really not that hard to do a little something for someone each day, which can contribute towards making their day.

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Some of my very close friends have been through a horrific time over the past year, and still aren’t quite through the tough times. They know I love them immensely and I know the feeling is mutual, we would do anything for one another and that kind of support is rare, but incredibly valuable and powerful.

It’s been unbelievably hard to watch them suffer and not be able to change a thing about their situation. The only thing you can do, is offer your support, positivity and kindness, and given the way this has worked out for me over the last year, I am absolutely confident it will be enough.

2018 goals jersey girl blog

I’ve yet to find anyone who thinks that these are bad qualities, or that they don’t help in some way, perhaps not always, but I’ve certainly found they’ve only had a positive effect on my life so far, so that’s exactly how I intend to continue.

I hope many more people will do the same and start as they mean to go on this year, with a positive attitude and kindness.

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