Welcome to the Jersey Girl page! I’m Melissa, an event and marketing professional and a blogger fortunate enough to live on the stunning island of Jersey, in the beautiful Channel Islands. Located just off the coast of France. Our idyllic island is unfortunately not as well known as I feel it should be, which is what I hope to change.

In my ‘spare’ time, I enjoy reading, cooking, eating, traveling, socialising, Champagne and shopping… pretty much all the things I already write about and share with you! I am so lucky to be able to enjoy my lifestyle and my career so much, that it blends into my love of blogging and sharing experiences with you.

The Blog

I have always loved writing and started at an early age. I remember writing short stories for my teachers whilst on holiday and receiving my very first fountain pen especially or writing them. I’ve always kept diaries and have more notebooks around my house than I can actually count!

I started my blog as a personal diary, a way for me to store special memories and experiences all in one place, where I could always look back on them and remember such happy experiences.

Then came my discovery of the blogging community. After sharing a few of my posts on Twitter and Facebook, I received feedback from people who were reading the blog and enjoying it. That’s when I uncovered a whole new world. I’ve made so many new friends and interesting contacts through blogging and had some great opportunities and adventures, I couldn’t possibly have imagined how much I would enjoy it!

I have also created the Jersey Bloggers Association group on Facebook, so likeminded bloggers on the island can come together to share their experiences and tips, as a way to help each other develop.

I hope to share the best of Jersey with you, in the hope that you too, wherever you may be, will fall in love with our gorgeous island and perhaps even come and pay us a visit sometime.