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5 Ways Blogging Can Enhance Your Life

5 ways blogging enhances your life

With the 2017 UK Blog Awards voting process now in full swing, I took a moment to reflect on what it is I am getting out of blogging and why I continue to devote so much time to it. I thought I would also share my thoughts on this with you, in case you too would like

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A week of surprises, achievements and interviews!

If you follow my blog on updates or any of my social media channels, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will probably have noticed there have been some great things happening for me lately!

Lunch at St Brelade’s Bay

Ladies Lunch at St Brelades Bay Jersey

A favourite beach of mine in Jersey, has to be St Brelade’s. Its certainly a more ‘touristy’ kind of beach, but it’s perfect for a ladies lunch day out.

Quayside Bistro and Grill, Jersey

quayside bar and grill restaurant in jersey

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to try out Quayside Bistro and Grill’s new menu.